En Route: Journeys in Faith and Modern Life

En Route: Journeys in Faith and Modern Life

Dennis Sanders

  • 100 Episodes
  • English
  • Last updated Dec 03, 2023
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100 Latest episodes

Jun 06, 2024 E185 00:15:32

In this episode, I revisit a video from early 2023 with Lutheran Deacon Nina Joygaard where she interviews me on how to do spiritual practices as someone with autism and ADHD. Prayer Lab Minute on the Road Interview with Deacon Nina Donate:  Venmo- @churc...

May 20, 2024 E183 00:51:41

In this episode, we explore the intersection of faith and food, featuring the inspiring journey of former pastor and sous chef, Andrew Camp. The podcast highlights how food connects spirituality and community, discussing Andrew's upbringing, culinary educ...

May 13, 2024 E182 00:50:41

In this episode, I talk to Joshua Gritter, who is the co-lead pastor along with his wife Lara at First Presbyterian Church in Salisbury, NC.  We talk about his article in Presbyterian Outlook “Anxiety, politics, and the lost mysticism of the church,” wher...

May 11, 2024 00:19:12

In this "shorts" episode we look at a 2023 interview with Lutheran pastor Seth Perry . Seth candidly discusses his journey living with bipolar disorder, overcoming stigma, and rediscovering his faith after getting sober. He shares his struggle to disclose...

May 06, 2024 E181 00:46:26

Ever since January 6, 2021 we’ve heard the term Christian Nationalism.  There have been news stories, articles, books and podcasts all focused on the threat of Christian Nationalism to democracy.  Christians of all stripes have come out against it and den...

Apr 29, 2024 E180 00:47:13

It's common these days to focus on the drawbacks of church.  But what's good about church? Theologian and pastor Anthony Robinson joins me on the podcast to talk about his most recent blog post on the positive aspects of the church in our society. Robinso...

Apr 25, 2024 00:12:35

In this bonus episode, I revisit an interview with Joy Moore, a professor of biblical preaching at Luther Seminary. We discussed reconciliation amid societal divisions. Moore shares stories illustrating the challenges of reconciliation and stresses the im...