En Route: Journeys in Faith and Modern Life

En Route: Journeys in Faith and Modern Life

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Did Mainline Protestants Birth Christian Nationalism with Beau Underwood | Episode 186

Jun 10, 2024 E186 00:49:01

We tend to think Evangelicals helped create Christian Nationalism, but did Mainline Protestantism have a role? I sat down with Beau Underwood, co-author of "Baptizing America: How Mainline Protestants Helped to Build Christian Nationalism," to explore the historical roots and contemporary impact of Christian nationalism in America. Beau talks about how mainline Protestants have laid the groundwork for modern expressions of Christian nationalism, highlighting pivotal moments like President Truman's endorsement of the revised standard version of the Bible in 1952 and President Eisenhower's active role in religious affairs. Beau wants to shed light on the responsibility of Mainline Protestant churches in addressing their historical complicity and suggests practical steps for repentance and change within their communities.


Show Notes:

Baptizing America book (the promo code is BAPODCAST)

Word and Way Magazine (includes several articles related to the book)

Episode 181 with Ted Peters (another view on Christian Nationalism)

Episode 76 with Brian Kaylor (on Religious Freedom in Russia)



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